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  • 01. Honesty
    Integrity and honesty are our primary values ​​in all our business processes and relationships. with employees and we act with integrity and honesty in our relations with all our stakeholders.
  • 02. Security
    Holding and group employees; confidentiality of customers, employees and other interested persons and organizations; and take care to protect their private information. Confidential information regarding the activities of Group Companies protects and uses this information only for the purposes of Ciritçi Group; this information is only shared with relevant persons within the limits of the Authorities. Ciritci Holding A.S. and Group Companies' confidential and proprietary information; Competitive disadvantage covers information, trade secrets, financial and other information that have not yet been disclosed to the public, personnel personnel, rights and information within the framework of “confidentiality agreements” concluded with third parties.
  • 03. Conflict of Interest
    Ciritçi Holding A.Ş. ve Grup çalışanları; çıkar çatışmasından uzak durmayı amaçlar. Mevcut görevlerinden yararlanarak; şahsen, aile veya yakınları vasıtası ile iş münasebetinde bulunulan kişi ve kuruluşlardan kişisel çıkar sağlamaz Holding ve Grup Şirketleri dışında ek bir finansal çıkara dayalı iş aktivitesinde bulunmaz. Grup adını ve gücünü, kişisel fayda sağlamak amacıyla kullanmaz
  • 04. Our Responsibilities
    In addition to our legal responsibilities; our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business against our partners, competitors, society, humanity and on behalf of the Ciritçi Group. We take care to fulfill our responsibilities.
  • 05. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers
    Ciritci Holding A.S. and Group Companies; Customer satisfaction oriented, needs and demands of customers works with an understanding that responds in the shortest and most correct way. their services on time and as promised. offers conditions. It approaches its customers within the framework of respect, justice, equality and courtesy rules.
  • 06. Our Responsibilities Towards Society, Humanity and Nature
    With the awareness of citizenship; to be a pioneer in social issues, in situations such as natural disasters, to be sensitive to act, to render services in the public interest, to carry out activities in Turkey and internationally. be sensitive to the traditions and cultures of the places. Protection of nature and natural life, consumer rights and public health in the places of activity all the measures that can be taken, even if they are not required by the legal legislation or are not obligatory. effort is made.