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Energy & resource industry

Marine Energy Solutions

Do you understand marine energy?

The diversity of our expertise, experience and test facilities enables us to support the marine energy sector through research, engineering, testing and programme management.

Ciritci Holding
Ciritci Holding

Wind Turbine

Installed Power in Wind

Wind energy, which is a renewable energy type, is produced by establishing wind power plants in regions with high and stable wind potential. Wind energy meets 4.7% of the total energy consumption in the world.

Solar Energy

Features of Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems are the ones with the lowest maintenance costs of solar power plant among today’s power plants compared to other power plant types. For buildings with roof use such as factories, logistics companies and warehouses, the fact that the electricity to be produced on the roof transmits electricity without any loss, increases the quality of the energy used and can prevent the high electricity prices that the business owners pay. For this, the design of the solar energy system to be established, the quality of the material used, the experience of the solar energy company that will install the solar power plant, and the reliability, financial strength and ability to complete the work of the company have an important place.

Ciritci Holding