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Technological Weapons

Military Weapons
Technological Weapons
Defense industry

To combine knowledge and experience with technological innovations, to design and produce products based on R&D in line with customer demands, to ensure their

continuity, to meet the needs of the defense industry to the maximum extent and to have a greater say in the international arena.

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Defense Industry and Technologies

The military is indeed an extremely sensitive and vulnerable area where the smallest mistakes can prove very wrong. Virtual Reality has always been in the limelight in military circles since it was a prototype.


To provide the judicial use of strength training simulators, firearms training simulators and driving simulators for the law enforcement, military and education and commercial markets The ultimate goal here is to teach the military and law enforcement, among others, how to properly use firearms and other related technologies.


Although alternative solutions exist, our company provides firearms training simulator, shooting range, protective equipment, role players, security guards and other personnel and resources.


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Next Generation Targeting Systems

The binocular-like device has both wide and narrow field of view options for day and night. A day and night celestial compass is also built in for better direction finding and navigation.


Aiming does not depend on a single type of marksman. The platform-independent device provides troops with ways to hit targets from airborne platforms, mobile munitions, ships, and conventional and rocket artillery.

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Wearable Skeleton Technologies Systems

Wearable skeletal technologies

support the skeletal system for the work and reduce the strength for the work. Most people have jobs that require them to use their upper body skills in labor intensive jobs such as resource, plumbing pipes and heavy lifting.


However, for those who have lost their abilities, it is not easy or possible to do these tasks. injuries or disabilities. Ergosafe Partner, a company that produces lifting and seating external skeletons for employees; It develops skeletal systems for the upper body that supports the arms of a worker at the chest level or by providing more support for tasks above his head. Nowadays, external skeletons are the products that provide efficient operation of workers who remove heavy workers, or long -standing workers.


Benefits: Special design for load distribution Passive body harmony Easy and comfortable use Reliable structure Adjustable Use Level Adjustable structure for the body Smart Design Design that does not restrict the user movement Active use if needed