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Chairman's Message

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Chairman's Message

Our journey, which started in 1978, continues to work in construction, logistics, finance, technology, defense industry, health, food, law, energy production and distribution with many companies and affiliated organizations in Turkey and abroad. Infrastructure management has reached a wide range of tourism and industrial sectors.
In our history for more than forty -two years, we are rightly the world's leading infrastructure project with high levels of engineering, configuration, financing and management. We became one of the investment and management groups.
In addition to our commercial activities, we also attached special importance to social responsibility projects. People are at the center of our success. With our team, we work under the guidance of our ethical values ​​with mutual trust and respect. We protect the rights and laws of our employees and suppliers. To our employers, We remain loyal to our contracts, we are always with our promise. We did not compromise on quality, work and workers' safety and we will not compromise us. We sincerely believe in environmental awareness and never stop doing what is necessary.
With its strong corporate structure for our customers, investors, employees, business partners and society, we provide a long -term business model with a long -term business model and to provide a long -term business model that puts its signature under innovations. Our most important goal. I have full confidence and faith in our team on this road.
The situation that our group reached today and our 42 years of experience necessitated our implementation of a new and advanced understanding. With this understanding, more institutionalization, more We aim to ensure your participation in the management in a responsible way.
We will evaluate the efforts of responsibility, management, production and success in a more fair and more equal way. In particular, we will give priority to career planning and development of our youth. This year, we have finalized the restructuring of the management style of our group. We have given new authorities and responsibilities to our very valuable, experienced friends. The job of our friends I hope to see the results soon.
For greater success and brighter days, together, they trust each other in the coming time.

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